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Why Hire A Pressure Washing Professional: The Dangers Of DIY House Washing

Hire pressure washing professional

It's common knowledge that pressure washing is an essential part of residential maintenance. If you want your home to look good and be in tiptop condition, regular exterior cleaning is a necessary part of the upkeep.

What seems to be a common misconception about the task of power washing is anyone who thinks it's an appropriate DIY task. Although your local hardware store will gladly rent or even sell your pressure washing equipment, it's not really meant for anyone not working in the industry. So before you waste your next weekend day off trying to take care of your house washing with a high-powered pressure washer, learn a little more about why it's not the best idea.

Top 3 Reasons To Leave Power Washing To Pros

It looks so easy in the commercials; just use a sweeping motion and you'll safely be able to clean all of your exterior surfaces with your new pressure washing machine. What the cashier at the big-box home improvement retailer forgot to mention is that using this equipment can be dangerous and that's why it's better handled by trained and experienced professionals.

  • Bodily Injury - Above all else, safety should be the main priority. Without proper training and supervised, hands-on experience, it's just as simple to injure yourself as it is to accurately hit the target you're aiming for. One slip can cause ruptures to the skin, abrasions, eye, injuries, and more.
  • Property Damage - Using power washing equipment means having a nozzle with extreme PSI behind the force sending that water out to clean your home. However, if mishandled, it's entirely too easy to cause damage to your home or property like puncturing a hole in your siding or breaking the glass for your windows.
  • Water and Electric Don't Mix - Even though you know that when you start, one mishap will cause water and electricity to mix in a catastrophic event. Even if it's not quite that dramatic, it's not a combination you want for your home.

Save yourself the hassle and stress by calling in Reyes Pressure Washing to expertly tackle all of your pressure washing work in the Houston area.



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